Changing Presentation Services Port Number in OBIEE 11G

Actual Url : http://localhost:9704/analytics
Our aim is to change the port number from 9704 to 80.
Note : First of all check for the available port numbers by running the command netstat -a from the command prompt


1)      Login to weblogic console by using the Url  http://localhost:7001/console

2)      Click on servers from the left pane and Click on control –> Select bi_server1 –> Shutdown the server as shown in below screen shots.

3)      After shutdown , click on Adminserver to change the Port number

Click on Save .

4)      Click on Activate Changes to apply the changes
5)      Go back to bi_server1 and start it

6)      Restart the weblogic server and BI services.
Now we can login to the presentation services with new URL ie : http://localhost:80/console


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